Covid-19 lockdown has led to no space for the sick and those at high risk.

As the crisis deepens with Covid-19 and the official guidance in almost every country is that we need to shelter and shield from this deadly virus. What then is the ramifications for those highest at risk to their freedoms and mental wellbeing? How difficult is it for this group of people to go out and do the normal things they once did without any worry in the world.

As a seasoned media watcher it’s no surprise to see that we have been told to shield but how well though are these plans. Just look at the millions of people who were stranded in India when their government imposed a lockdown with a few mere hours warning. Those struggling the most were the poor labour workers trying to flee the cities for their home states.

There is a tendency to encourage people to wear face masks but which mask really works and which doesn’t. I can’t say that I would want to wear an N95, FFP2, FFP3 or similar grade mask for any duration of time. These masks are supposed to be saved for our frontline workers but it seems when people go looking for masks to protect themselves they don’t alway decide to leave this type of mask for those that need it most. Naturally we want to go for what will provide us the best protection for our own health as well as the health of our families. We know it’s wrong to take these masks but we do it thinking our need is far greater than others.

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